Ability to


Ability to Repay

We guarantee lending to your business so long as you can demonstrate your business' ability to pay our loans back. There are different ways a registered business with a business bank account and a functioning business website can demonstrate capacity to take and repay our loans.

Collateral (Asset-based lending)
Your business assets may usually be used as part of an acceptable security for loans from us. This may include both tangible and intangibla assets (business websites, goodwill, etc).

Credible Cash Flow with verifable accounts receivables
Guaranted expected income or revenue from your customers can serve as a reliable proof of your ability to repay loans being taken from us. Typically applicable for invoice financing or factoring funding options.

Business Viability
If you have credible business with visible sales and revenue streams, there are no reasons why we cannot lend you funds. Our interest is in businesses that have proven market viability, somewhat profitable and most importantly seek to solve identified needs (filling market gaps), which will primarily drive demand. Yours is to have a sound and viable project, and ours is to assess your application and directly provide you the funding you need.

Domain / Indusry Expertise
Sometimes, all it takes for us to lend may be demonstrable level of competence in field of operations with verifable historic appreciable success. The business owner doesn't have to possess all these qualities, but their employees with such expertise - the reason we ask for CVs with most of our funding applications.

Your Employees
If you employ a minimum of four (4) persons excluding the shareholders, and pay their SSNIT Contributions as well as thier tier-II, it could help your funding application with us. Note that, you will need to provide all their SSNIT Numbers and bank statements that highlights their contributions to that effect.

Filing Compliance
If you file your annual returns diligently with the Registrar General's Department (RGD) and tax filing records with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), it could also help your funding application with us. Note that, you will have to provide us with a valid Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) from the GRA aside Entity Information Request we procure from the RGD.

Note: You do not need to provide all the above with your funding application before you can demonstrate your ability to repay our loans. We assess every application on a case by case basis, but at least have one of the above in place to better the outcomes of your funding application.