Generative AI


Generative AI Systems

The hottest new buzzword in the startup and venture capital world is generative AI — artificial intelligence that can create new text, images, or videos from a series of simple commands. The new computing era is already here, where anyone can become a programmer by merely conversing with a computer - thanks to AI. The road to the future is paved with AI.

• Applications of AI have been prolific, enhancing features of search engines such as Microsoft’s Bing and even assisting in songwriting with just a few instructions, AI-powered content for digital advertising, etc.

• AI expertise is required to stay ahead. AI technology is predicted to reshape corporate structures and redefine all jobs, with companies adept at leveraging AI likely to boost their standing, while others less adept could face extinction. While job loss due to AI may be a concern, the prospects are bright for those skilled in this groundbreaking technology - AI will not only reshape corporate structures but also redefine every job.

AI, will serve as a co-pilot, bolstering the output of employees across various industries, creating novel job roles, and phasing out others.

• In an era of rapid technological evolution, having a firm grasp on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more than an asset – it’s turning into a necessity. Businesses and professionals must embrace AI or face the prospect of being sidelined.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) is suddenly everywhere. Welcome to the age of generative AI, when it’s now possible for anyone to create new, original illustrations and text by simply sending a few instructions to a computer program.

• The AI field has experienced a dramatic surge, thanks to developments like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, showcasing the potential to supercharge productivity. ChatGPT, a brainchild of OpenAI, symbolizes a landmark in human-machine communication. Its proficiency in engaging in personalized and contextual conversations has set a new bar in the AI arena, facilitating tasks as complex as guiding investors and traders in the DeFi market.

• Several generative AI models, including ChatGPT and an image generator called Stable Diffusion, can now be accessed online for free or for a low-cost subscription, which means people across the world can do everything from assemble a children’s book to produce computer code in just a few clicks.

• Generative AI has seen tremendous interest in the last few months, and the hype around the new technology has opened up new possibilities for its use, like assisting human copywriters and graphic designers for projects. It also has some garnered new fears about fully replacing those jobs or increasing student cheating in schools.