Minimum Viable


Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a development technique in which a new product is introduced in the market with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumers. The final product is released in the market only after getting sufficient feedback from the product's initial users.

Every enterprise starts its journey with an idea of a product. Some of them work, some don't. But few of them enter the market in such a way that they last for longer and mark their presence in people’s minds forever. The most famous and commonly used products you use today didn’t all have a welcoming start. They too have faced huge and enormous hurdles to raise capital and/or profits.

Running a business is not a cakewalk or walk in the park - It takes much money, time and patience to develop and release a successful product. Every entrepreneur set out to create the top-notch product that will make them the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.