Startup Funding


Startup Funding Basics

There are four (4) basic things you need to qualify for funding with us:

• Business Registration

• Business Bank Account (Business Bank Statement)

• Business Plan (Commercial Viability + Repayment Plan)

• Business Website

Without any of the above, you can NEVER qualify for funding with us. All four MUST be in place before you can apply for funding with us, otherwise don't waste your time.

Business Registration
To be taken serious, get your business registered. We don't fund hobbies or unregistered business. You don't need to have the perfect business name - You can always change it later on. 

You can register it yoursef via the Registrar General's Department or take advantage of our free business registration when you host your business website with us.

Business Bank Account
After having your business registered, open a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated banks. You don't have to make millions of Ghana Cedis before you open bank account for your business. Note: while mobile money has made business operations easier and/or faster, it cannot replace a traditional bank account.

The bank statement your bank gives you provide any investor and/or lender a financial picture of your business and what you have been able to do with your own pre-seed or any other capital or revenue that has come into your business.

You cannot get funding until you have a business bank account for your registered business.

Business Plan
No one knows your business better than you yourself. The business plan is supposed to highlight what you intend to do with your business, your marketing strategies, how you intend to use any external funding and how your business will make money and repay any loan or return on investment and/or equity (ROI/ROE).

Your business plan is also expect to demonstrate how you intend to create jobs aside customer and investor and/or lender value. Additionally, make sure your business (or business model) does not fall under our Prohibited Business List before you can get funding or any of our services.

Business Website
We only fund tech-enabled businesses (not necessarily tech startups). Having a professional website for your business (not any of the free website options, e.g.:,, etc) is a mandatory requirement. Without it, you cannot even apply for funding with us.

We expect you to have business website you control under your own domain name and not as a subdomain of any of the free website providers. You need to have any of the following: , , , etc etc .... You're free to choose which ever top-level-domain (tld) you want, so long as it's a paid domain name.