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Elon Musk once responded to a question about what words of encouragement he'd give an entrepreneur. "If you need words of encouragement, don't do it," he said. Move past needing hand-holding, a syllabus, or someone to micromanage you.

With google and youtube in this day and age, you have no excuse to be ignorant about the new ways of doing things enroute to a profitable business. Business owners need to move away from the antiquated ways of doing things to be truly successful. Millions work hard to start a business, yet don't move on to a global scale mindset, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Mindset Shift

The 9-to-5 position that paid our grandparents and parents enough money to live in a sizeable home in the cities is increasingly unlikely to do that now, even if it includes benefits and a pension. So, think about ways of letting it go. Begin by writing down what you are passionate about, and investigate ways of earning an income doing it.

If you love writing, for example, start doing it on the side and focus free time on how to push those earnings further. Soon enough, you may notice that this “side gig” is starting to pay more than your office job, and will then be left with the happy decision of whether to leave it.

Self Education

Learning can be truly enjoyable, especially when its focus is on a passion rather than simply being a means to an end. Our parents likely told us that in order to make more money, we needed more schooling, but the empowering reality is that there’s virtually nothing you can absorb in a classroom that you can’t by embracing a hands-on approach.

If the goal is financial independence, you can teach yourself just about everything needed from books or audiobooks, through online courses, and/or simply spending free time focusing on what you love to do. Many of the world’s wealthiest people are dropouts who discovered their thunderstrike idea without a graduate degree.

Wrong Thinking

Especially if you’ve been raised within the middle class, you may have grown up believing that your cards are dealt… that you must remain within these old ways of thinking. The truth is that if you’re willing to think bigger — believe you are able to provide something of value to a larger population that is unique or solves a unique problem — then the chances of seeing flourishing results is wildly amplified.

Jeff Bezos created a retail giant that solved an online shopping problem we didn’t even know existed. Your idea doesn’t need to be as big as that, but it’s vital to consider the factors that are keeping you from creating and growing broader wealth via a commercially-viable business.

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