Care Now

Pay Later

Care Now Pay Later (CNPL) allows you to have the quality care that you or your loved ones need without having to worry about upfront costs.

At, we are constantly exploring ways to make our users feel better. Whether it be relieving the stress of tight cashflows or helping them achieve that special look, we exist to promote both emotional and physical wellbeing. We love that this landmark partnership with DCANS Healthcare & DCANS Pay (both sister companies) makes top quality healthcare more accessible and inclusive to our growing community.

DCANS Healthcare, The DCANS Group Limited's (TDG) premium healthcare provider, has partnered with DCANS Pay, the innovative TDG payment technology platform, to make the payment process more convenient for patients. Through this tie-up, has made paying for all cash services at any of partner's (or partner-approved) facilities simpler as patients can now split the total cost over several instalments.

• This collaboration allows patients to benefit from the group’s expert services now, and pay later in a way that alleviates any immediate monetary burden.
• This service is strictly for medical care (including prescriptions drugs) that is/are not covered by National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

• To use this service, you obviously need to be an existing customer of ours.
• Your qualifying business must be a limited liability company and not a sole proprietor.
• Your business must have at least filed for the most recent year, both with Registrar General and GRA (Tax Clearance Certificate, TCC will be required)
• Qualified employees of such businesses must already be register for Tier-I with SSNIT (SSNIT Card Number will be required) and Tier-II with an NPRA-approved trustee.

How to access Care Now Pay Later
No Upfront Fees. Kindly complete our online application form here.