These are group-owned customer-facing commercial spaces the sells food, offers free and paid internet and as pickup or delivery points for physical goods dispatch locations of businesses owned by The DCANS Group Limited. You would not need an appointment to visit such locations. Learn more.


Complimentary to our Physical Offices, we're rolling out customer-facing hang-out centres with anchor-service providers. You would typically find an internet-enabled working area (with meeting spaces), food & drinks on sale.



In-person collaboration with clients and colleagues is essential to driving execution and commercial impact, where vital. Our commercial spaces and seating is designed to accommodate our current flexible ‘Hybrid Working’ model.” These are typically sister companies or corporate siblings within The DCANS Group Limited.


DCANS Kitchens

Onsite food & drinks are provided and sold by DCANS Kitchens (provider of the group's 'Eat Now Pay Later' service).


Supermax Internet

Free Paid Wifi services via Supermax Internet.


DCANS Properties

Properties acquired by DCANS Properties may be customised or renovated for relevant collaboration centres.


DCANS Hospitality

Hospitality assets owned by The DCANS Group Limited via DCANS Hospitality may also house some collaboration centres.


DCANS FX (Ghana Proprietary Trading Floor)

Training & Trading Centres of DCANS FX may also allocate some spaces as collaboration centres.



You don't need to book an appointment to patronize any of the services available at these centres.

All payments at all our physical locations are strictly digital payment options - No Cash Payment, in line with the group's payment policy.

If you disagree with how we operate, please don't use our services.