Disclosure Policy


GHStartups.com takes the security of our systems and its data very seriously. We are continuously striving to maintain and ensure that our environment is safe and secure for everyone to use. If you’ve discovered any security vulnerabilities associated with any of our GHStartups.com services, we do appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner.

GHStartups.com will engage with you as external security researchers (the Researcher) when vulnerabilities are reported to us in accordance with this Responsible Disclosure Policy. If a Researcher follows the rules set out in this Responsible Disclosure Policy when reporting a security vulnerability to us, unless prescribed otherwise by law or applicable jurisdictional rules, we commit to:
• promptly acknowledging receipt of your vulnerability report and work with the researcher to understand and attempt to resolve the issue quickly;
• validating, responding and fixing such vulnerability in accordance with our commitment to security and privacy. We will notify you when the issue is fixed
• unless prescribed by law otherwise, not pursue or take legal action against you or the person who reported such security vulnerabilities;
• not suspend or terminate access to our service/services if you are a merchant. If you are an agent, not suspend or terminate merchants access to our services to which the agent represents;
• publicly acknowledge and recognise your responsible disclosure