Attract and retain talent with our Employee Salary Advance Scheme (ESAS).

How it works

We obviously deal with businesses only, but employees of businesses or companies registered with us, get login credentials for their employees to apply for employee loans (salary advance, personal loans and home mortgages) from Sikamaster Loans.

Salary Advance:
Qualified employees can borrow up to 100% of their wages in salary advance at zero interest rate. A flat administrative charge of 5% of borrowing amount will be deducted loan being disbursed. Repayment period is next pay day (not later than 30 days).

Personal Loans:
Qualified employees can borrow up to 25 times your monthly net salary with repayment up to 60 months (5yrs).

Home Mortgages:
Low rate home mortgages for employees of partner businesses. Repayment up to 30 yrs (but not later than 60th birthday).

Note: You automatically guarantee unsecured loans your employees or staff access via the platform without any paperwork. If your employees default on unsecured loans procured from Sikamaster, all outstanding balances will be levied or added to your account with GHStartups.com for settlement.

Employer Requirements
• You must be an existing customer of this platform.
• Your business must be a limited liability company

Employee Requirements
• Must be Tier-I and Tier-II Pension registered.
• Must have a salary bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated banks.

How can I apply
Qualified existing business can apply for Sikamaster Loans login details here.

Sikamaster Loans is a sister company of GHStartups.com


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