Invoice Factoring

a.k.a. Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Debt Factoring, Accounts Receivable Factoring

Invoice factoring is type of invoice finance where you "sell" some or all of your company's outstanding invoices to a third party or a factor (like us) as a way of improving your cash flow and revenue stability. A factoring company (like will pay you most of the invoiced amount immediately, then collect payment directly from your customers.

How it works
Accounts receivable financing is a form of asset-based lending (ABL) utilizing a company’s accounts receivable as collateral. Factoring invoices is also used to mitigate credit risk, as you would know from the steps below....

Step 1
Your company provides goods or services to larger creditworthy customers and submit correct invoices

Step 2
Your company needs to be paid sooner than agreed terms(ie, 30-90 days) with your customers

Step 3
Your company sells its unpaid invoices to an invoice factoring company (like per a factoring agreement

Step 4
The factoring company verifies the invoices are valid with the company receiving up to 90% of the invoice amount. Once the account is set-up payment can be as fast as 24-72 hours

Step 5
The larger credit worthy customers make payment directly to the factoring company ( according to the terms of the invoice. The factoring company then pays the balance of the invoice back to your company minus a fee.

You need to be a registered business and an existing customer of this platform to qualify. No upfront fees required.

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