Property Rental


Our Direct Rental Property Loans are jointly executed with Rent Now Pay Later Ghana (a sister company & part of The DCANS Group Limited). SSNIT/Cap-30 Registered Salaried Workers with regular net minimum monthly income of GHS400 can apply directly at at NO UPFRONT FEES without necessarily being an existing of the TDG Ecosystem. However, Business Owners without SSNIT Pension can only apply for this serviceCan be used for both

• Residential (both business owner and employees of the business owner) and

• Commercial (office space, warehouse, etc).



We pay your rent advance directly to your tax-compliant landlord on your behalf and NOT to you. This service is currently only available anywhere in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs. Your landlord is expected to pay rent tax of 8% and 15% for residential and commercial properties respectively, to GRA from the funds we disburse to them.

You can look for the residential or commercial property yourself or we can assist you with the search free-of-charge. You can rent any qualified property you want (it doesn't have to be owned by a sister company and/or The DCANS Group Limited), so long as your business is operating and not on our Prohibited Business List.



• Instead of you taking out funds from your business to rent a residential facility for yourself (and qualified employees), or a commercial or business space (office, shop, warehouse, etc), you allocate that funds to relevant sectors of your registered and operating business and you only repay us monthly with some small interest (currently maximum of 25% per annum).


• Easier to get this type of loan than our classic working capital loans.


• Once you're approved, you still enjoy all the benefits of an existing customer (flexible payment plans), including but limited to:

- Business Freebies: Free Digital Advertising, Free Website Design, etc.

- Access to Care Now Pay Later (a sister company) for you and your employees.

- Salary Advance (Salary on Demand or Earned Wage Access) for your employees via Sikamaster Loans (a sister company).

- Opportunity for you the business owner and your qualified employees to acquire affordable homes via DCANS Developments (a sister company).

- The option of building a residential or commercial property via Build Now Pay Later (a sister company), and repay later in instalments.

- Access to Corporate Catering Services via DCANS Kitchens (a sister company).

- Access to Logistics and Delivery Support Services via DCANS Logistics (a sister company).

- Access to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Integration for your registered business via DCANS Pay (a sister company)

- etc.



• Your business MUST be registered (either as a Sole Proprietor or Limited Liability Company)

• Your business MUST be operating and/or making sales (business revenue)

• Your registered business MUST have a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks 

• You MUST be an Existing Webhosting Customer of this platform. It's the domain name of your business website that becomes your username (unique identifier in our database) to enable you to login.



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