Risk Management

& Due Diligence

Risk Management

Funding to businesses in developed countries are risky. Funding for businesses in Ghana are riskier. Lending to startups in Ghana are extremely risky, so how does anyone expect us to approve lending applications without we doing proper due diligence?

Inasmuch we provide some form of guarantee funding support, we do not do that at the risk of professional risk management. If you are looking for a quick fix as new borrower with us, sorry we are a mismatch for you. Only existing customers with previous credit history with us can benefit from our quick lending timescales. We are a business and not a charity - no funding will be approved for businesses that present with excessive risk that flouts our responsible lending policy and any of our risk management policies below...

Business / Investment Plan
No financing will be provided without a credible business plan. You do not have to submit the full business plan if you have doubts about our non-disclosure agreement in-situ - You'll need to provide us the Executive Summary, Historic Financials, Budget for Loan Amount requested, Financial Projections and Repayment Plan.

Mandatory Business Registration
You cannot get any funding or credit facility from us if your business is not registered.

Mandatory Business Bank Account
If you have a registered business but no bank account for your business, you cannot get any funding from us. You can open a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks.

Mandatory Business Website
Registered business with a business bank account but no website for your business? Sorry no funding support from us.

Repayment Plan
It's shocking how prospective borrowers with us approach us for funding with no repared repayment plan (for non equity investments)?

Prohibited Business
You cannot use our funding to execute Government of Ghana Contracts or Projects. You are advised to review banned or prohibited businesses (or business models) here before thinking of doing business with us.

Collateral Requirement
Not all our loans require a collateral, but if your credit application requires one you'll need to provide one. See here for acceptable collateral.