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Sole proprietorship is basically business owned by one person. Unlike other forms of businesses, the procedure on how to register a sole proprietorship business in Ghana is very short and simple. The proprietor is the sole owner of the idea and has full ownership right of the business. He or she is responsible for all the debts and profits incurred in the business.

To start and run a sole proprietor business in Ghana, you first need to register your business with the Registrar General's Department (RGD). You can do this yourself or pay a qualified professional like GH Startups to register it with RGD for you.



• Original identity card

• Tax Identification Number (TIN)


Procedure of registering a business name

The procedure for registering a business in Ghana begins with the registration of a business name. Here are the steps followed in registering a sole business name.

• Pay for a registration form A at the registrar general department and fill in your details in the registration form A.

• A well filled registration form A should then be submitted to the registrar general together with the processing fees through their user bank

• Upon completion of registration, certified true copy and registration certificate will be ready for collection.

• Having acquired your business registration certificate, you will be ready to complete the registration and start the business.


Requirements for registering business name

• Principle place of business

• Name of the business

• Nature of the business

• Name, postal address, nationality and other important details


Sole Proprietorship Business Registration Fees & Charges

• Registration of business name at 50 cedis

• Certified true copy at 10 cedis

• Filling of form D at 25 cedis


Registration form A

This is a primary document required to register a sole proprietorship business. It is provided by the act 151 of business name registration of 1962 constitution of Ghana. This form consists of the following information:

• Business name

• General nature of the sole proprietorship business (e.g. manufacturing, service, commerce, transport, construction and others) Principle activity of the business Date of commencement of business Business location information (city, region, street, house/flat) Sole proprietor personal details (surname, first name, middle name, date of birth, gender, occupation, marital status e.t.c) Residential addresses of the business person. This includes where the proprietor live; city, street, district among other details.