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Startup & Business Services
The best businesses you admire today are supported by formidable business support service providers like us. You can have access to priceless business support services via competent providers via this platform, either free of charge or paid -- Installment payment plans always available for existing users of this platform with login access.

No Talkshops
The vast majority of startup platforms out there are just mere talkshops that only make the organisers and promoters richer and paying participants poorer and most often confused or worse off. It’s kind of a flaw to think that you’re going to go to a programme or meetup, and someone that’s never been an entrepreneur is going to teach you how to be an entrepreneur. The next time you get tempted to pay for any of those talkshop programmes, ask yourself - what business do the organsisers or keynote speakers themselves run?

Entrepreneurship is a lifelong venture and requires continuous learning and upskilling. Acces to personal development and technical training programmes from well qualified educators. With valid login credentials, one can have access to both free and paid courses - Instalment Plans available for paid courses.

Direct Funding Options
Unlike most startup platforms out there which signpost you to where to go to get funding, we provide multiple financing options as a direct service.

You have the opportunity to apply for direct funding from us for your startup or new business, at competitive rates, terms and conditions. Equity financing options also available for qualified businesses. There is no uploan loan application fee, but one requires login access to apply for funding. Learn more.

Business Toolkits
Access relevant tools, insights, and connections to boost your visibility and growth, at various stages of your company.

Global Business Network
Priceless opportunity to become a capable global player. Access to global platforms, including but not limited to: UKStartups, EU Startups, etc.

Networking & Bootcamps
Nobody built a good business alone. To withstand the test of time, you may require support systems. Networking with Industry experts, peers, eminent personalities through various Seminars, Events, Conference.

Business Tools
Capable tools for your business' success.

Market Access
Customer Acquisition & Retention Platform to help you sell a lot more and faster -- boosting sales.

Access to User Forums and Discussion Groups
Sharing of ideas for the common good of business -- healthy competition and collaboration over negative competition.

You can have access to our tall list of freebies after you have signed up. Learn more.

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We have both free and paid signup options. You can access restricted areas of this platform free of charge and enjoy the same benefit that paying subscribers have, when you host your business website with us.

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