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At, we preoccupy our selves with solving problems and/or providing actionable solutions for real business problems. We encourage you to use our website wherever possible for information and guidance. Please see our FAQ and Glossary sections before contacting us using the form below, and you are advised to only use the form below and not via social media as we cannot guarantee access to those third-party platforms at all times.

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How We Operate

Before you contact us and/or use our services, it's important to understand how we operate. This B2B Platform is targeted at existing and prospective businesses, whose owners (or someone at their business) can read, write, understand and speak basic english to follow basic service use instructions, and where applicable seek independent financial and/or legal advice.

There are multiple safeguards built-in into our services that guarantees optimum business customer protection [30-day Moneyback Guarantee For all our hosting plans, no upfront fee value-added platform services, pay later plans, etc]. If you're fixated with the old manual, laborious, inefficient and unproductive ways of doing business or accessing business support services, our platform may not be for you - Similarly, if you disagree with how we operate in part or in whole, please don't use our services.



If we have to contact you via phone, we would only call you from our office line: 0244-073-801 (Our office phone-line is configured for outbound relevant calls only, but you can use the form below to request free callback).


Whatsapp Support

Our 24/7 whatsapp support via our contact number 0244-073-801, is complimentary to the abundant information already provided on this website and not to repeat and/or replace it.


Our Offices

Typical of all subsidiaries and/or divisions of The DCANS Group Limited, we embrace new ways of doing things by implementing remote work policies and shared group resources. All our offices are group-owned and not rented (as may happen with other businesses), and are meant for backoffice administrative duties and relevant in-person meetings by appointment and in-person scheduled training programmes only - and NOT for making enquiries, making payments or any of the routine, mundane, repetitive tasks that can be resolved remotely.

Our remote work employees can assist you from the comfort of their homes (via our Work From Home Policies enshrined in the group's recruitment policies as stated via TDG Jobs Ghana - dedicated recruitment platform of The DCANS Group Limited).


About Your Data

All your information is for internal use only. We will treat them confidentially. For information about what we do with personal data see our privacy policy.


Fraud Warning

All spam and scam messages to any of our communication channels will automatically be deleted, and senders blacklisted and blocked across all web and communications channels of the TDG Ecosystem, in line with our no nonsense anti-fraud policies.

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