The Numbers

It’s aiming to provide support to startups and new businesses in Ghana within the next ten years.

Funding Pot
We expect to provide direct funding for qualified businesses in either direct loans, equity investments, and other funding alternatives in excess of GHs14bn -- all via our reliable funding partners.

GHs14b is not lying in our bank accounts waiting to be disbursed. Funding for are structured as part of the overall Savings & Investments Porfolio of The DCANS Group Limited, its subsidiaries and partners. Disbursed funds usually come from liquidated invested funds, and only when yields/risks are adequately compared.

Our capital (re)allocation is fully compliant with appropriate regulators. All our debt financing instruments are secured against existing or future business assets.

Targeted Businesses
Up to 95,000 properly structured startups and new businesses are expected to benefit from these packages in diverse forms.

10 Year Window
We are the most patient startup platform you can find in Ghana at the moment (if not the world as whole), to wait it out for an average of 5-10 years for your 'baby' to grow.

20% maximum lending rate
The interest cap for our debt financing option are benchmarked against local government of Ghana treasury bill rate. It will not be possible and would not even make economic sense that we would lend below t-bill rates.