Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

There may be several startup platforms out there who may claim top-notch, but we prefer to let our endless offerings to speak for themselves, for you to be the judge. Many out there claim to support startups but have never run any business themselves.

Startup Freebies
Free stuff for your startup or new business including but not limited to: Free Domain, Free Website Design, Free SEO, Free Advertising, Free Internet, Free T-Shirt, Free Healthcare, Free food, Free Accommodation, etc. Learn more.

Access to World Class Tech Brains
You may never need to hire a full-time technical or IT persons when you get onto our platform. You can get access to website designers & developers, graphic designers, coders, multi-language programmers, etc.

Home Ownership Schemes
One of the common concerns for young business owners are having to juggle betweem running a business and planning for their lives. We offer very unique opporunities for home ownership for the business owner. Learn more.

No Talkshop
Ghana needs more startups and new businesses, and our mission is to help make this happen as the private sector cannot leave it to the devices of government, and we are not interested in being precoccupied with useless talkshops that go nowhere. Just to your benefit.

We want to see you take action, and not the mere talk of it. We don't schedule unnecessary meetings (in-person or online), unless absolutely necessary.

Competitive Edge
The team behind GHStartups.com are entrepreneurs themselves, with over 50 businesses and companies across the globe on 4 continents. The team have a unique understanding of the problems startups face, and how to solve them.

Stable Setup
GHStartups.com is privately-owned by The DCANS Group Limited (a uniquely structured global business, dual-headquartered in Ghana and the UK). GHStartups.com is not susceptible to instability that comes with government-initiated entities like we can recently witnessing see on the Ghanaian entreprenuerial scene.

Direct Funding
Funding direct funding for your business. Stress-free, streamlined application process, and system that lets you quickly share basic information about you and your business. One of our Business Consultants takes a close look at your financial profile and will be in touch within 24 hours. See full list of direct funding options with us.

Discounts & Pay Later
A great alternative for individuals looking for business loans to fund a startup

• Pre-lending support with business plans and cash flow forecasts
• 12 months of free mentoring for loan recipients
• Unique templates and startup guides
• Exclusive discounts on business products from our store.

Office & Warehousing Space
Option to get world-class office and warehousing spaces for your new business on a budget.

Security & Safety
The GHStartups platform is secured by a 256-bit SSL connection, ensuring that your personal information will be protected at all times.

Well Established
GHStartups has a strong capital structure, healthy balance sheet, commitment to operational excellence, and a growth mindset.