Platform Benefits

GHStartups is the flagship startup ecosystem of The DCANS Group Group Limited, the forward-thinking privately-owned diversified global organization, dual-headquartered in Ghana and the UK -- main aim is to support and collaborate with startups.

Startups create more jobs than large corporations, boosting local economic development. Startups do not and cannot exist in a vacuum. They are born in a specific context as parts of an entity – a network, a system – much bigger than themselves. Entrepreneurs need a supportive environment to launch startups that could one day have an impact not only on the local economy but on society as a whole, and that is what we do.

Ideas, Research & Inventions
Innovative ideas leading to prompt sensible actions. Research can also affect the startup ecosystem itself by providing the insight needed to spot trends, address challenges and focus on strengths.

Education & Campus Businesses
Schools provide one of the most important resources for our ecosystem around: talent. Higher education institutions that offer entrepreneurship studies, courses on management and innovation, digital marketing programmes, etc., are paving the way for bright minds to turn their ideas into reality by starting their own businesses or joining existing ones.

In the age of accelerated technological development, environmental threats and tumultuous global politics, it is more important than ever before for institutions to be forward-thinking and equip their students for the challenges of the modern world. Startups will take on many of those challenges – and they will be launched by students studying at these institutions today.

We have coding bootcamps and other intensive courses to make up for the gap and train professionals in sought-after skills like AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, complementing deficiencies in the traditional academic programmes. Our in-house programmes have agreements with startups, other tech companies and partners and organise hiring days to provide jobs for our students.

Startups & Entrepreneurs
We provide the pool of resources to create and scale new businesses. Startups come in a lot of different colours, shapes and sizes, from early-stage ventures to high-growth scale-ups. They all have their distinctive roles in our ecosystem.

Incubators & Accelerators
Our Incubators and accelerators programmes help startups succeed by providing them with mentorship, guidance, training, strategy, partnerships, R&D and funding.

They're instrumental in getting startups (especially early-stage ones) off the ground. Having access to an accelerator’s resources and network can make a startup thrive.

We offer physical spaces where startups can establish their offices.

Working Spaces
Startups – especially in the bootstrapping stage – who do not have the funds to afford their own office space can take advantage of our coworking spaces (shared offices where startups can rent hot desks or private offices for a fraction of the price, and with no long term commitment) -- unlimited free coffee, discounts on in-house store products and services and lunch deliveries.

Conferences, workshops, meetups, networking events and parties are all key to our startup ecosystem. Organising events where entrepreneurs can expand their network and explore potential collaborations with other companies. Startups based in a coworking space often have just the freelancer they need in arms’ reach – and if not, there’s definitely someone who knows someone who knows someone.

Consultants & Freelancers
Lean startup teams tend to ask for outside help with challenges that they can’t solve in-house because they don’t have the know-how, the skills, the tools or the time.

That’s when consultants come in. They’re experts in their own fields – having previously worked with other startups. They bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the table, helping early-stage startup teams get ahead.

By partnering with freelancers, startups can cut costs and get high-quality work on short deadlines. They can also hire talent for short-term projects and work with outstanding professionals who are not bound by geography. We bring the best and the brightest business minds, developers, designers, investors…the list goes on.

Investors & Lenders
Few startups survive for long without an investor or a financial institution to back them – which is why it's an essential pillar of our startup ecosystem. We are backed by reliable funders to provide direct financing to qualified startups (both debt and equity).

Mentors & Advisors
Startups with mentors are more likely to succeed. Advisors and mentors can help founders during their entrepreneurial journeys in many ways. For one, experienced, successful mentors help you stay accountable and true to your vision. Their own experience in business is often critical to your success. They can help you prepare from the future and offer unbiased opinions on critical situations.

Service Providers
There’s no business without legal and financial providers to back it. All startups, no matter how small or early-stage, need at least a bookkeeper and a banking provider. Founders need to focus on business fundamentals: getting bogged down in bureaucracy  or red-tapeism is not an option.

Legal, Accounting, Technology, Logistics, etc.