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Free Business Registration

We offer free business registration service to all our web hosting customers - that is, to qualify with us to register your business at the Registrar General's Department (RGD) for free you first need to host the website of your business with us. This was started to encourage (actually 'force') prospective borrowers applying to borrow from us to be properly structured and registered to enable us lend or invest in their prospective businesses and not our time on mere hobbies (unregistered businesses).

Over 90% of prospective borrowers who contact us are simply not registered. Newsflash: No serious lender or investor worth their salt would lend or invest in an unregistered entity - at best you could get some funding from family and friends and a non-startup loan provider microfinance institutions, at very uncompetitive rates.

If you don’t register your business, you could miss out on the benefits that come with registered business ownership.

You just need to host your business website with us via any of our One Year Hosting Plans:
1. Free Sole Proprietor Business Registration available to all who are on One Year Shared Hosting Plan or More
2. Free Limited Liability Company Business Registration (Excluding Stamp Duty, which is 0.50% of Stated Capital) available for Two Years Hosting for any of our Hosting Plans.
3. After you have hosted your business website with us and you're provided with login details to this platform, proceed here to provide your business details to be registered on your behalf.
4. Once your business registration is complete, an e-certificate and/or hardcopy of the business certificate will be made available to you to enable you open a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated banks, or seek other permit or licensing needs.


Massive savings out the gate to start your business
One webhosting hosting payment provides you with free business registration, free website design, free access to this platform a plethora of other freebies.

Quick Business Processes
You are able to start your startup funding application processes immediately on this platform the moment you signup to host your business website with us, even us your business registration may be pending, but kindly note that, any approved funding will not be disbursed until your business registration has been completed and you have also opened the business bank account for this business - We only disburse funding to business bank accounts of applicants and not their personal bank accounts.

All Other Benefits
See here for the full list of how you and your business stand to benefit on getting your business registered or incorporated.

1. This free business registration service is for Sole Proprietor and Limited Liability Companies Only.
2. This free business registration service is free so long as you pay for any of our one year web hosting plans.
3. This free business registration service excludes the mandatory 0.5% Stamp Duty Charge required for Limited Liability Company registrations as a requirement by the Registrar General's Department.
4. Your business may be legally accepted to be registered in Ghana, but may not qualify for funding from us because it falls under our Prohibited Business List, so we encourage you to review it before proceeding.
5. This free business registration runs whilst slots lasts.

Act Now, before it's too late !!!

The Registrar General's Department (RGD) is the sole state body authorised to register businesses in Ghana. is not an appointed entity of RGD. This service does not seek to usurp the role of the RGD, but a dedicated provision of badly needed facilitation service for prospective business registration applicants who are still frustrated by the current business registration regime, processes in Ghana, aside our sole motive to encourage prospective borrowers who contact us for funding for formalise their business operations.

A business registration terrain that pales in comparison to what exists in even most developed and developing countries as experienced by both and (partner platforms with the same parent company) as it is even able to register business more directly and faster for its prospective customers and clients.

We still register all businesses for our customers via the RGD Platform with the names and records of the prospective business owner with the details we collect on our plaform and reproduce it via the statutory body's platform. Only signature pages would have to be signed and scan/image uploaded to us for forwarding -- We do all the legwork for you at zero cost for our webhosting customers.

If you do not already have a TIN, you will be required to fill the signature page of the two-page TIN form and also upload it to us from the client area on this platform, to be attached to your business registration forms.