Ghana Market Access

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. No sales, No Business. We offer free priceless market access to our existing customers.

Government initiatives alone are not sufficient to support startups and businesses most in need of funding., it's parent company and subsidiary companies believe one way of helping startups through the next few months will be for us to directly influence the sales of startups and external private sector companies in our database to increase their spend on products within the SME marketplace.

Startups will survive and thrive if they’re able to sell to their customers. Market Access Benefits

• Direct beneficiary of The DCANS Group Limited & its subsidiary procurement contract quotas. Simply put,'s parent company will factor your business activities (products and services) in their business decisions. If they have to procure anything of need not available in-house, businesses in our database will the first point of call before looking externally.

Local Market Access

International Market Access

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