Guaranteed Sales

CARP 2.0

Guaranteed Sales (CARP 2.0)

There is no guarantee that the thousands of Ghana Cedis and/or Dollars you are wasting (eeii sorry, splashing) on radio and tv advertising and even standalone digital marketing are going to yield any results. At best, you may only have window shoppers with no money to spend and wasting your precious time in addition.

From helping you to find the right customer to converting him/her/entity into an actual sale and boosting the sales constantly, our Customer Acquisition & Retention Platform (CARP 2.0) is providing you extreme value on one platform, all under one roof.

We help you in cutting down the time and effort you spend on research for how to increase sales, to generate profits on marketplace and to research what all products to sell at what time.

• It's free to try for a whole year so long as you host your business website(s) with us.
• You are guaranteed sales all year round so long as you can meet the massive demand that may come your way.
• Better than useless advertising that may not work, or that only brings mere talkers and/or time-wasters to your business front.
• Sustained business exposure
• Moneyback Guarantee if you don't make sales subject to our minimum threshold. No advertising can offer you this, except our proprietary world-class sales engine.

To qualify to use our CARP 2.0 service, you should already have your product and/or service ready to deliver to customers. Additionally, having a website for your business that shows your products and services is mandatory. You can choose to host this website with us or elsewhere.

Qualified Products & Services
Your products and services must be legal by Ghanaian laws and not on our prohibited business list.

Your product and/or services must meet market need or have historic sales record. The selling price of any of your products and/or services must be less than GHs100,000.

Restricted Products & Services
CARP 2.0 does not cover real estate. However, you can use the Guaranteed Property Sales of DCANS Properties Limited (a sister company).

Customer Sources
Not everyone can be your customer. We market your products and services to qualified buyers with money to spend or aided to buy via our Buy Now Pay Later Platform, and not mere talkers, time wasters or window shoppers that do not buy.

Motivated qualified customers come from our various database platforms anchored on Doctopus (The DCANS Group Limited's global unified data platform), as well as targetted customers via digital platforms. CARP 2.0 is a powerful and intelligent world-class data-dependent algorithm service for businesses and/or sellers that guarantees sales conversion, unmatched anwyhere. Let your business reap the benefits of exponential technologies (machine learning, artificial intelligence, nlp, etc) without having to expend scarce resources on such ventures.

Prospective Customers we market your products and services to include, but not limited to:

• Public Sector Salaried Workers

• Private Sector Salaried Workers (Selected well-run businesses and companies)

• Registered Businesses in Ghana

• Existing Customers of Sikamaster Loans

• Existing Customers of DCANS Properties

• Existing Customers of Rent Now Pay Later

• Existing Customers of Rent to Buy Ghana

• Existing Customers of Build Now Pay Later

• Existing Businesses & their Employees on the Platform

• Existing Customers on the DCANS Pay Platform

How do I Signup for CARP 2.0?
It's free to access CARP 2.0 when you host your business with us via any of our one year hosting packages. If you do not want to host with us, you then have to opt for the paid carp 2.0 service.

Complete the online signup form here if you're an existing customer with valid login credentials or new customer signing up for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Still got questions on CARP 2.0? See here for answers to more of your questions.