Carp 2.0


Carp Moneyback Guarantee

Can you go back to the radio/tv station or facebook or google for a refund of advertising spend that never resulted in any sales? The answer is a resounding NO !! But guess what? We guarantee moneyback if your onboarding via CARP 2.0 never results in verifiable sales.

We will tell you about the best-selling products of e-commerce marketplaces in Ghana and also, we promise to provide guaranteed sales and a 100 % money-back guarantee if we don't achieve the targets.

Our Moneyback guarantee is for the entire duration of your signup option: meaning, if you signup for a 3 month option you cannot request for a refund until after the full 3 months contracted has ended and we analyse and verify completion date. Same applies to the 1 year signup option.

Carp 2.0 Free Trial option does not come wih any moneyback guarantee obviously.

CARP 2.0 Terms & Conditions.