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Sell More Faster

You are not making sales because the client is confused about their experience will be when using your services. Your business will fail and die if you don't make sales. If you're thinking a single facebook post with your product is going to get you the sales, you must be kidding right?

1. Benefits
- Opportunity to sell to over 600,000 government sector workers, ready to buy (mostly aided by our in-build Buy Now Pay Later)
- Opportunity to sell to a larger 3m+ formal sectors who fall within our Buy Now pay Later user group
- Ability to sell to over 300,000 registered businesses that fall within our Buy Now Pay Later user group.
- Delivery options available on request at a small fee
- Operates 24/7 all year round, even whilst you sleep.
- It's free to enrol your business so long as you're an existing subscriber of this platform

2. How it works
We pay you to deliver whatever you are selling to motivated buyers and not mere talkers or time wasters. GHStartups pays a merchant once a customer buys something using its platform, while that user is then invoiced over installments.

Your business should first meet our eligibility criteria.

Product / Service Fit
Your product should delivery-ready. For example, if you're selling cooked or prepared food, it can only be delivered within your own geographical location. Non-perishable goods can be delivered nationwide. Perishable goods are not-returnable by default. All non-perishable goods are returnable as a compliance requirement.

Service business can also be delivered from anywhere.

Order Process
Once a prospective customer sees any of our advertising/marketing materials after we have set you up, the customer is quicky verified and validated and pays you merchant to immediately deliver the said goods to the customer - Sikamaster Loans (one of our partners) concurrently sets up a monthly deduction mandate on the buyer's salary account.

3. Eligibility
• You must be a business registered in Ghana.
• You must have a Business Bank Account
• You must have a website/webstore for your business
• You must be an existing customer of

4. How do I signup?
To signup your business, you just need to host your website with us and get free login access of this platform and apply here after you have logged in.