SIAB Options

We cover the following operating areas. These are business models that you may be very familiar with (not re-inventing the wheel), but the spin with our infused operating model makes it a good starting point for anyone venturing the business ownership space. Depending on the area of interest and current employment status, it can be your main job or source of income or part of your multiple income sources, or even the revenue engine of your business strategies.

• Food, Groceries & Beverage
You can opt for any of the options available: baking (bread, cakes, pies, etc), meal delivery, on-demand grocery deliveries, etc.

• Fashion, Health & Beauty

• Computers, Phones & Accessories

• Kitchen & Home Appliances

• Real Estate & Construction

• Commercial Agriculture & Agribusiness

• Manufacturing & Export

• Healthcare & Pharma

• Renewable Energy

• Automobile & Autoparts

• Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Note: Each component works differently and you have to click on each component to know how it works. You cannot combine two or more components for a start - You are required to start with one and add on to it as your first gains momentum or traction.