Commercial Agriculture &


Commercial Agriculture & Agribusiness

A farm cannot be cultivated or grown and/or scaled up without a successful, dedicated and motivated farmer. You cannot do farming the same old way your forefathers did theirs and ended up impoverished. Our Commercial Agriculture & Agribusiness option is one out of several Startups-in-a-Box (SIAB) service that offers both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs to own and run a world-class profitable business.

This option covers both crop farming and livestock rearing, as well as agro-processing with comprehensive support that guarantees sustianable profitability, return on our investments and/or equity (ROI, ROE).

This is not some get-rich-quick scheme nonsense. If that is why you're here, you may want to leave this platform.


• Free Business Registration (where applicable)
• You choose your own business name then we register it for you (if not already registered)
• You employ your own qualified staff, employees and/or farmhands
• Free Website Hosting & Design
• Free Advertising that works (evidence with sales, ready buyers, etc)
• In-built Off-Taker Agreements (both local supply chain and global exports) with full logistics support - Guaranteed Buyers always on standby !!
• Rent, Lease or Own Equipment and Machinery
• Direct land acquisition support (where applicable)
• Direct farm infrastructure construction support (where applicable)
• Cultivation of in-demand crops (incl green-leafy vegetables, cashew, banana, coffee, cocoa, etc)
• Rearing of profitable and/or in-demand livestock (incl cattle, goat, sheep, rabbit, poultry, etc)
• Agro-processing, packaging and licensing support
• You set your own prices for your farm produce
• No more post-harvest losses
• Onboarding Training and/or Mentoring from qualified practioners and/or industry players (and not mere talkers or just academics)
• Direct Funding Support, both Debt Financing (Loans) and Equity Investments with exit pre-determined
• Opportunity to grow and/or scale your own profitable farming business via our networks, including but not limited to: The TDG Startup Ecosystem and The TDG Ecosystem
• Option to repay part or all of any funding we provide you with your farm produce, available
• Access to Vehicle and Home Ownership Schemes
• Access to legal and accounting support (incl book-keeping, statutory filings, etc)

Who can signup ?
Virtually anyone with passion for commercial farming and the whole agribusiness value chain can signup, so long as you can read, write and understand basic english. Two or more entrepreneurs (not more than 4 co-founders) can team up and signup.

You or one of you on your team must be computer literate and/or internet-savvy to signup, as ongoing support service are provided remotely and onsite. 

How to signup or get started
We offer three (3) main pricing plans.