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Food & Beverage (F&B) sector is an extremely profitable industry, often overlooked by many. The F&B component is one out of several Startups-in-a-Box (SIAB) service that offers both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs to own and run a world-class profitable tax-compliant business.

This option covers the over seven (7) viable subsectors under this Food Business Sector, with comprehensive support that guarantees sustianable profitability, return on our investments and/or equity (ROI, ROE).

This is not some get-rich-quick scheme nonsense. If that is why you're here, you may want to leave this platform.


• Free Business Registration (where applicable)
• You choose your own business name then we register it for you (if not already registered)
• You employ your own qualified staff, employees and/or farmhands
• Free Website Hosting & Design
• Free Advertising that works (evidence with sales, ready buyers, etc)
• In-built Off-Taker Agreements with full logistics support.
• Rent, Lease or Own Equipment and Machinery
• Direct purpose-built kitchen infrastructure acquisition support (where applicable)
• Direct kitchen appliances acquisition from PC24 Store Ghana (a sister company) and kitchenware acqusition via (a sister company), where applicable)
• Processing, packaging and licensing support
• You set your own prices for your food products
• No more post-cooking losses (or any other losses)
• Onboarding Training and/or Mentoring from qualified practioners and/or industry players (and not mere talkers or just academics)
• Direct Funding Support, both Debt Financing (Loans) and Equity Investments with exit pre-determined
• Automatic Pay Later Integration service for your customers (Specifically Eat Now Pay Later - where we pay you in full for ordered foods from qualified customers who have been pre-approved for Pay Later - no loss to you or your business).
• Opportunity to grow and/or scale your own profitable farming business via our networks, including but not limited to: The TDG Startup Ecosystem and The TDG Ecosystem
• Option to repay part or all of any funding we provide you with your farm produce, available
• Access to Vehicle and Home Ownership Schemes
• Access to legal and accounting support (incl book-keeping, statutory filings, etc)
• Opportunity to be added to DCANS Kitchens Network (a sister company), where applicable
• May be added to 7G Foods Platform (a sister company) as well.
• Access to Affordable Home Loans via DCANS Mortgage (a sister company)
• Employee recruitment support via TDG Jobs Ghana (a sister company)

Who can signup ?
Virtually anyone with passion for food and beverage value chain can signup, so long as you can read, write and understand basic english. Two or more entrepreneurs (not more than 4 co-founders) can team up and signup.

You or one of you on your team must be computer literate and/or internet-savvy to signup, as ongoing support service are provided remotely and onsite. 

How to signup or get started
We offer three (3) main pricing plans.

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