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Healthcare & Pharma

You don't need to be a doctor or nurse to own and/or run a hospital or clinic, and neither do you need to be a pharmacist to own a pharmacy.

Our Startups-in-a-Box (SIAB) offers you clear pathways to operate in the healthcare and pharma sectors of Ghana's economy. This healthcare-pharma-specific SIAB is delivered by the following The DCANS Group Limited owned businesses:
DCANS Healthcare Ghana / Africa
DCANS Healthcare UK / Global
Kaizer Pharma Ghana / UK / Global

• Health Facilities Regulatory Authority Compliant setups
• Applicable overseeing body (Ghana Medical & Dental Council, Pharmacy Council, FDA, etc).
• Prospective healthcare business owners are expected to look for their own physical address that meets HeFRA requirements. Financing for such a location can be provided by us at competitive interest rates.

• We can assist in getting the location approved by HeFRA at an extra fee not included in the SIAB Signup Fee.
• We can connect you to qualified doctors, nurses and other healthcare already on the group's TDG Jobs Ghana Database Platform

How to apply
We offer three (3) main signup options for our SIAB. You just make sure you choose the Healthcare & Pharma option when choosing the SIAB type.