Working Capital


Money is a big worry when you’re starting a small business.

Small businesses play a vital role in the economy, but they often struggle to get business loans from banks. To help encourage the growth of small businesses, GHStartups and its partners provide loans to startups and small businesses. There are several different types of SME loans.

- You can register tour business yesterday or anywhere beyond but less than 2yrs and still qualify for a startup loan with us, subject to terms and conditions including but not limited to ability to repay and/or business vialibility.
- We guarantee lending so long as you're able to prove your ability to repay.

To apply for startup loans from us, you need to provide the following as part of your application:

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• Proof of Business Registration from the Registrar General's Department. You can't qualify for a loan with us if your business is not officially registered. We offer free business registration when you host with us. Note: Maximum borrowing amount for Sole Proprietor Registered Businesses is GHs10,000, but such restrictions does not apply to LLCs.
• Business Bank Account. If loan is approved, it will only be disbursed to your business bank accounts and not your personal bank accounts
- Website for your business

• Proof of ID
- Proof of Address

• Industry or Regulatory Licenses / Permits (where applicable)
• Audited Accounts for the Last Three Years or Statement of Affairs if the business is in the Filing Phase
• Board Resolution (if LLC)
• CV / Profile of Directors and Shareholders (if LLC) or Business Owner (if Sole Proprietor)
• CV / Profile of Management Team
• Business Plan. You may exclude vital business secrets from this document you are submitting to us for NDA purposes, but you need to demonstrate clearly how you are going to make money to pay us back (whichever way you do it). Must definitely include Cash Flow Forecasts or Projections To Match The Tenor Of The Loan - Business Survival Plans / Strategies
• Supplier Agreement [If Any]. Typically required for Factoring or Invoice Financing
• Profile Of Supplier(s). Typically required for Factoring or Invoice Financing funding
• Proposed Security For The Loan: We tpically do not require an external collateral for most of our loans if the loan is being used to purchase a physical asset (asset-based lending)

If we require a traditional physical collateral for the loan, the following will be required
i. Valuation Report On The Property To Be Used To Secure The Loan
ii. Copies Of Title Deeds Of Property [ies] That Will Be Used As Security To Support The Application
iii. A Search Report From Lands Commission On The Property
iv. Execution Of Statutory Declaration If The Company Does Not Own The Property
v. Evidence Of Property Rate Paid vi. Evidence Of Ground Rent Paid [For Leasehold Properties]
vii. Offtaker Agreements [If Any]. Typically for real estate startup ventures
viii. Any other documents that may be needed to help us make a decision

Collateral Tip:
It is not always that a physical collateral will be required. As a forward-thinking direct lender, we also consider intangibles as collateral. It could be the huge traffic that your website commands in selling products or services to buying customers. It could also be the number of ready-buyers your product/service has.

So if you do not have the physical collateral to serve as security for our loans, the most common sensical thing to do is to setup your website or web-office or web store or web application with us and our analysis of your web traffic or usage stats could be the difference between lending or declining to lend you the funds you need for your business.

In order to verify your loan application we may ask you to provide some extra documentation along with the required.

How to apply
Complete an online application form below...

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Our loans are strictly for our existing customers only - You need to be an existing webhosting customer or subscriber before you can apply, because you are required to login before filling and submitting your completed application below successfully. You cannot save and return to complete the form below as you need to fill and submit in one sitting.

With loan approvals above 90% for qualified prospective borrowers, it is important that you provide true, fair and honest responses on your application below as false representations will lead to your loan refusal.

You don't have to use our direct lending services if you disagree with how we operate.

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Details on relevant expertise and experience will be very much appreciated. PDF Format Only.

You can check this from the balance sheet you presented above.

Note: Maximum borrowing amount for Sole Proprietor Registered Businesses is GHs10,000, but such restrictions does not apply to LLCs.

Budget for how you intend to spend the loan amount quoted above. PDF Format Only.

PDF Format Only.

D. YOUR BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS (this should be your main business bank account. If approved your loan will be deposited into this account.


Collateral would typically be business assets (tangible or intangible), but occasionally could include personal assets and/or assets to be purchased with the loan being requested. See here for more.



I confirm that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorise you,, to make any credit reference and other enquiries in accordance with normal procedures for the processing and administering of loan applications, and to use the data provided in the provision of data for our in-house funding division.

We may search the files of credit reference agencies who will record the search. We or they may share information about the way in which you conduct your account with other lenders for credit granting purposes, for fraud prevention and occasionally for tracing account holders.