Acceptable Collateral

"There is no art to find the mind's construction in the face".... No Fear Shakespeare - Macbeth (Act I, Scene 4).


The loan doesn’t need to be 100 % collateralized, but it will be easier to get the loan the more business and/or personal collateral you bring to the table. Not all our loans require you to provide a collateral (as will be stated in the loan type you are applying for), but if required to do so, any of the following may be acceptable:

A. Intangible Assets

i. Company / Business / Organisation website or cloud-hosted solutions

ii. Shares and Bonds


B. Tangible Assets (Physical)

• Commercial Investment properties

• School Buildings

• Hotels / Guest houses

• Pubs / Restaurants / Franchises

• Factories & Warehouses

• Farms/farm land (registered in borrower or guarantor's name)

• Land with/without building permit (registered in borrower or guarantor's name)

• Residential property & property portfolios

• Any Leisure Property

• Owner occupied (Industrial Units, Offices, Retail Shops, Hospitals/Clinics, Other Professional Practices, Business Premises, Private schools)

• Any personal goods such as but not limited to any of the following, that is of any value above the loan amount being requested - computers, phones, household appliances, etc

• Accounts Receivables

• Inventory


Unacceptable Collateral

• Mere talk

• Moral Collateral


Note: Not all our loans require you to provide a collateral, but we are unable to lend without a collateral if your loan type requires one and you don't provide it. And collateral must be registered with the Bank of Ghana's Collateral Registry System.



• All collateral must be backed with valid proof of ownership before it can be accepted to lend against.

• All collateral, except immovable ones and commercial vehicles with assignable claim rights to us, will be in our possession as a condition for any disbursement.