Raising Pre-Seed


Pre-Seed Funding

We do not provide pre-seed funding.

Business owners usually fund this stage using their own money as well as capital from angel investors. An angel investor can be family members, friends or wealthy individuals that invest in the company. Angels usually back companies with no sufficient operating history as these are the people that the startup owners know personally.

Many startup founders turn to their friends and family to help them with initial funding, aside their own personal savings. After all, those are the people that already believe in what you’re doing — you don’t have to convince them the way you would convince us, angel investor, or a bank.

Funds at this stage are what you would typically use to cater to startup costs: business registration, website setup, basic business operations tools, etc.

If the people who know you cannot support you at this basic level, then why should a stranger (GhanaStartups.org) commit their own funds to your course? It is important you treat this stage carefully in order not to send a bad signal to future funders.