Direct Funding


Home Mortgages

To buy a property, you must have a regular income, some savings and limited debt. This will then be used to determine how much money you can borrow to buy a home.

A mortgage is the money that you borrow to buy a home. A mortgage is a loan that lasts for a fixed period called a 'term'. When you take out a mortgage you will also be charged interest on the amount you borrow. If you do not keep up the agreed repayments, we can take possession of the property.

Mortgage Costs

There are a number of additional costs you will also need to budget for when purchasing a home:
• Survey fees
• Valuation fees
• Stamp duty land tax
• Land registry fee
• Fees charged by mortgage lender or broker
• Solicitors / Lawyers fees
• Removal expenses

NB: If you start the process of purchasing a property and the sale falls through, you will still be required to pay for any legal work, valuations or surveys which have taken place.

GHStartups Business Owner Home Loans (GBOHL)
GBOHL is a vehicle which enables people to access good quality affordable housing. The scheme has been developed by in partnership with our Property Partners. GBOHL is intended to target people who are in employment but are struggling to find suitable accommodation on the open market.