Startups-in-a-Box (SIAB)

Ready to start your own business, but struggling with the business idea or some other issue? Startups in a Box might just be the most attractive launch pad to get your Startup take off! This is not some Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Nonsense. You do not need to refer or recruit other persons before you get income as happens with almost all of those useless MLM platfroms around. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme !! It's a proper business that we help you register in your own name as an independent person or entity, and you set your own prices. This is not an employment seeking scheme, and if you have no intention of starting and/or growing your own legit business then this is not for you. More below...

What you get when you signup for SIAB

Our value-laden world-class business in a box service offers you the following:
Free Business Registration (where applicable)
Web Hosting Included
Website Design Included
Free Advertising that works
 Free Access to Guaranteed Sales Platform
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Partnership Onboarding
 Access to Platform Freebies
Direct Funding Support
Inventory & Logistics Support
Workspace Support

Unlike most paid business training programmes that leaves you out in the cold, SIAB offers you a business starter pack -- ready to start and not bore you with some useless motivation stuff - We've got no time for that. The advantages of our SIAB are enormous, but we highlight a few here.

SIAB Components

Before you signup, you need to decide which area is of interest to you. We cover several operational areas with over 80 bankable business ideas (direct funding support included) that you can start right away:

We over over 16 main components under our Startups-in-a-Box service.

Note: Each component works differently and you have to click on each component to know how it works. You cannot combine two or more components for a start - You are required to start with one and add on to it as your first gains momentum or traction.

How to signup

We currently offer three(3) pricing plans for our Startups-in-a-Box service.