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Build Now Pay Later

Custom Affordable, Starter and Luxury Homes

Build it through our BUILD NOW PAY LATER scheme. One Stop Shop of your dream home and commercial property. This is tailor-fitted to land (or uncompleted building) owners wanting to build their house or commercial property today but lack the resources to do so. The programme entails a mixed financing method bridged by both us “the building firm” and in-house partner lenders as “the financial institution”.


How does it work?

If you have already bought your land and do not have the funds to construct and/or develop the property, you apply to us, and we secure a home construction loan -- loan almost always guaranteed so long as the land with the property to be constructed on is without any encumbrances and adequate as a collateral, together with the yet to be constructed property. In order words, this is like design & build plus financing in-situ.

If customers refuse to honour their loan obligations, the property will be sold to offset outstanding loan balance.



We have options for both





Maximum Payment Terms

You may opt to pay your amortization up to 20-25 years maximum for the lender. Our partner lenders have flexible payment terms that you can choose from. Most of our clients opt for a longer payment period and then accelerate it by paying more whenever they have extra cash. You may note that there are no early repayment charges and in most cases, you get a rebate for your advance payments.


Monthly Payments

This would depend on the cost of the home or commercial property you want to build. Prices will differ based on these basic factors – total size of your home or commercial property, preferred materials to be used, complexity of the design, terrain profile, etc etc.


Payment Start

You will start an equal monthly amortization for the payment terms you choose after the house is fully completed. For example, if the construction period is 10 months, your first payment will start on the 11th month from groundbreaking date.


Eligibility Requirements

There are eligibility requirements for the Build Now Pay Later Program and all applications are subject to management’s approval.

Biggest qualifiers are below:

1. Those with existing Lot registered under their names or immediate family.

2. Those with fully paid Lots but pending transfer of Land Title.

3.Those with stable income and eligible for Financing.


Additional Documentation required:

- Proof of ownership of land

- Valid Build Permit

- Proof of Employment

- Tax Return / Tax Clearance Certificate

- Proof of Identification (Any of the following Government-issued photo ID: Passport, Voter's, Ghana card). NHIS + Birth Certificate but NHIS alone.

- TIN Number / Certificate



Sample Designs

Customers are entitled to bring their own designs, but if you need samples -- yes we have. We have a wide array of residential and commercial architectural designs for you to choose from. We will also accommodate a build to order project with specific tailor-fitted designs. Just tell us what you have in mind or what are your building requirements and our team of architects and engineers will translate this into a visual representation.


We also offer:

- House Construction & Renovation

- House Design

- 3D Rendering

- Interior & Exterior Design

- In-house Financing

- Permits & Licenses


How to apply

Complete a short form here to enable us proceed from there.


Applicable Fees



After Complete Application

After we have received your complete application with all supporting documents and applicable fees, we will visit your site within 30-60 days to complete an initial appraisal, after which a report will be generated. If our report is accepted with/without any amendments we move to site within 45-60 days to start work.