Target Users

This platform is targeted at business that embrace new ways of doing things (digitisation and digitalisation). If you're fixated with the old, manual, ineffective, inefficient and laborious ways of doing business in this day and age of technological advancement, then this platform may not be for you.

A business website is mandatory (among other requirements) to use our built-in services. The domain name (unique identifier) of your business website is used as your username to login into our platform to access services.

Your business domain name helps us to segregate all service use applications from you, without having to fill in repetitive, irrelevant business details every time.

This platform is strictly for businesses, and as such provides services to only registered businesses based in Ghana only. To get any funding at all from us, your business should have a functioning website. If you think your business doesn't need a website, our direct funding options and other services are not for you.

Throughout the world, businesses are started and/or run by some of the smartest people you can find on this planet and hence we expect prospective users of this platform to educate themselves about how we operate with abundant information provided on this platform and ask relevant questions after reviewing our FAQs.

We strongly advise that you see independent financial and/or legal advice if you lack basic understanding on some of our operations. You don't have to use our services if you disagree with how we operate.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone.


If you fall under any of the following categories, you're disqualified from signing up to use this platform:

- If you or no one at your business cannot read, write, speak and understand basic english.

- If you're not willing to formalize your business (incl business registration, business bank account open, business website setup).

- If your type of business is prohibited by this platform.

- Anyone who cannot signup without an in-person in-office meeting, for a service with built-in payment protection and post-paid payment options.

- Charities, NGOs, Non-Profits : This platform, your business needs to be registered (or yet to be registered) as either a Sole Proprietor or Limited Liability Company (LLC) 

- Technology Skeptics (Techno-Skeptics)

- Bad actors, including fraudsters


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