Safe Transactions

We are very much aware of trust issues people have with transacting business online - the reason for this quality assurance and zero-tolerance for fraud page.

No Upfront Fee Lending
We do not take deposit or seek outside capital before lending.

Web Hosting Payments
We do not remember anyone buying an airline ticket and flying to the U.S. or the UK, just to go buy a domain name or webhosting package.... so why should you insist on a needless in-person transaction of this nature with us that even has in-built customer protection safeguards for 'worried' prospective clients.

All domain name purchases and/or webhosting purchases are done remotely, via electronic payments, same as these existing customers did for theirs.

Subscription Payments
There are occasions where prospective users of this platform do not want to host their websites or projects with us, simply do not have a website yet but would want access to restricted areas of this platform reserved for existing customers only.

There are instances that the customer may need to reverse a transaction. Learn more.

Real People Behind
Unlike other platforms that don't even provide information about real people, at least the details of The Founder (the only natural person whose role at this platform will remain constant). Existing customers will have already been interacting with other staff of this platform.

No Anonymous Transactions

SIM Registrations
Our contact number 0244-073-801 is registered in the name of The Founder, but not necessarily held by himself.

Our MTN Mobile Money number 0244-189-402 is registered in the name of The Founder. Note that, this number is a dedicated mobile money number for DCANS Pay local collections on behalf of The DCANS Group Limited. Processes to update the name on the momo number has already been initiated to reflect that of DCANS Pay Limited - but you may still see the name of the founder reflect in such momo transactions depending on when the update takes effect.

When NOT to Use our Services
If none of the reasons elaborated above gives you the confidence to access our services without an in-person meeting, then please do not use this plaform or our services. Thank you.

In-person meetings are strictly available to existing customers with issues that cannot be resolved successfully remotely.