Lending Terms

Guaranteed Lending Terms

The mere opening of a bank account doesn't automatically qualify you for a loan - You certainly need to meet some requirements and satisfy your ability to pay back the loan before they grant you the loan. The same with us - The mere setting up of a business website with us doesn't automatically qualify you for direct funding - You're expected to meet the requirements for each funding type before we can grant you the financing.

We only guarantee lending so long as borrowers demonstrate ability to repay. We guarantee lending only when you can demonstrate your ability to pay back and not because you have hosted your business' website with us. If we have our customers grow by giving them more loans that maximize their ownership, they grow and become bigger customers for

Qualified Business Profiles
Our loans are open to for-profit businesses that:
• are officially registered in Ghana, file tax returns as required, and operate legally;
• are physically located in, and do business in Ghana;
• the business owner or owners have invested their own time and/or money;
• have a business bank account with any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks.
• have a website for their business.

We operate with flexibility, speed and transparency. Compared to traditional banking,’s loan services does not have “shady terms,” and it will actually work to grow our customer’s businesses. We balance risk management with our more flexible loan services. Do not contact us on funding issues if your business has not been registered.