Refund Policy

We believe in the products and services we provide startups and businesses, hence rarely encounter the need for refunds. However, we have no qualms about having to refund monies to disatisfied customers and clients.

Our refund policy vary with different product or service.

All our paid subscriptions come with 100% 30-days moneyback guarantee - No questions asked!!

Physical Goods
Customers have up to 7 days to return all damaged goods bought from our store to a designated address for a refund. Customers may opt for a replacement or a refund.

Domain Names
Domain Name purchases are not refundable, so advise that prospective buyers are satisfied with the name before placing the order.

Web Hosting
All our hosting come with a standard 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Note that, if you bought a hosting and applied for a loan (which) within 30 days, you do not qualify for refund of your hosting irrespective of the outcome of your loan application - So it is strongly advised that you satisfy yourself with the hosting you bought before starting any loan application process (since we incur cost in processing all loan applications -- due diligence, etc).

Web Design & Development
No refunds available for our paid web design & developments. We are always available to correct/edit or even re-do design work that don't meet customer/client's satisfaction.

Downloaded Products
No refund available for downloaded products.

Work Spaces
- Up to 100% refund available within 24 hours of signup, whether service is used or not
- 75% refund available within 24-72 hours of signup, whether service is used or not
- No refund beyong 72 hours of signup, whether service is used or not.

Refund Period: This typically take 30 days to be processed and/or refunded.

Refund Payment Method: All refunds are made via the same payment method used in making the purchase in the first place and to the account of the customer and not to a third-party.