Job Creation


Job Creation Requirement

All our direct business loans are tied to job creation. You need to demonstrate a credible plan how our funding is going to create jobs and if you already have employees, show proof that they're permanent. There's a limited to what a one-person run business can borrow from us.

All funding applications must come with job creation plans that you must incorporate into your business plan.

The rule of thumb with us is for every GHS2,000 - GHS50,000 you business must create a minimum of one permanent job, and you must be paying their SSNIT Contributions as well as their Tier-II.

Proof of SSNIT-registered Employees can allow your registered business to borrow from us without having to put up a physical collateral. Our restrictd use of our funds not to pay your workers salaries upfront does not conflict with this provision - What we expect of your business to do is to deploy our funding to produce a product or service to bring in revenue for your operating business, and you're at liberty to take care of the payroll of your employees with revenue from your business after settling our monthly repayments and NOT to pay salaries of your workers without any economic activity.

Proof of Employment
The only proof of employment acceptable to us for businesses with existing employees is Proof of SSNIT Registration as an Employer with Remittance Statements to SSNIT on-behalf of your employees.

Due on No Permanent Job Created
For businesses yet to create employment, we allow a maximum of 3 months to get your business registerered for SSNIT as an Employer and make recruitment within 90 days of we making our first disbursement.

Take note that, all loan disbursements above GHS5,000 are done in tranches and tied to certain milestones and this job creation requirement is one of the milestones. Your loan will automatically due within 90 days of disbursement irrespective of repayment period beyond the 3 months, if your business is unable to demonstrate and/or show credible proof of new employment created.

Assisted Recruitment
You're at liberty to recruit whoever you deem it fit to work for your business. However, if you need help with recruitment, we can give you access to the CVs of prospective job applicants via the TDG Jobs Ghana platform free of charge.