Responsible Investing

At GHStartups, it’s part of who we are: a responsible firm with a deep research culture that has fully integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in our investment decisions and active ownership. Using our expertise, we’ve developed innovative, responsible investment solutions to help us invest with purpose.

ESG Integration and Engagement: Fundamental to Our Investments
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are deeply ingrained in’s investment and research processes—and in the way we engage company management teams and stakeholders. ESG factors are fully integrated in the overall risk/return assessment for every security we analyze. We believe that this rigor drives better research and better outcomes for investments.’s analysts engage regularly with management teams to assess and encourage improvement on business practices—issues ranging from capital allocation to better disclosure—to help us make informed decisions and drive better outcomes. Often, our equity and fixed-income analysts will partner to jointly engage management teams.

We’ve developed a robust infrastructure for responsible investing and focused our talent on roles that provide guidance and insight. With support from the highest levels of the firm, we’ve been able to translate commitment into action.

Environmental: Climate Change, Resource depleition, Waste, Pollution, Deforestation

Social: Human Rights, Modern Slavery, Child Labour, Working Conditions, Employee Relations

Governance: Bribery & Corruption, Executive Pay, Board Diversity & Structure, Political Lobbying & Donations, Tax Strategy.